The Social Butterflies Club - giving small businesses the tips, tricks and tools they need to use social media with confidence.


We’ve created a set of Club packages to help guide you through the social media maze, giving you the confidence to make more effective use of the platforms, and allowing you to enjoy greater returns.

Social Media Audit

Wherever you are on your social media adventure, the insights gained from a social media audit will not only pinpoint your current position, but will also help to map out the best route forward.

The Metamorphosis Workshop

The Metamorphosis Workshop covers a number of critical, but often overlooked, areas that will help you focus on what is most important to your social media programme – reaching potential customers.

The Butterflies Effect

Whether you are trying to get your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter platforms going, or just need some interim social media support. This programme will give your platforms the attention they need.

Power Hours

Ready to really get under the skin of a social media subject? Our Power Hours cover a number of topics to help you get more return from your social media efforts. 60 minutes of content, tailored to you!



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