It’s all about being social on social media


The social media gurus say that...

“if your target customer is on social media, then you need to be…”.

Seems almost strange to state it but the most important element behind a successful social media campaign is to remember the ‘being social’ part! No one following your social media threads wants to be bombarded by pushy sales messages shoving the same old advert, and company focused information, in to their feed. 

Being social with your target audience is such an important factor when it comes to running successful campaigns.  Unfortunately, there are so many examples out there of social media accounts that don’t seem to understand this.

People buy from people. People that they feel comfortable with, people they can relate to and people they feel understand them in return. YES, it obviously needs to be a good product that they want, but the business (and sales) message needs to be delivered in the right way and at the right time.


Invest in the relationship

First and foremost, a relationship needs to be formed with your target audience and this can take time. Investing in the right areas of your campaign will bring huge benefits if you get it right. Researching and locating the right influencers to get behind your brand, over time, can accelerate momentum. Don’t overlook people that will promote your company for you.  Then, engaging with your audience directly really is key. Start a conversation!

Social media is also a great way for your business to prove that it is what it says it is. You should expect to guide a customer through the sales process, from first establishing there is a need for your product or service, through to demonstrating your capabilities to manage an effective aftersales service. Gain trust in the market place and stand out from your competitors.


Getting to know you

Imagine you’re at a party. Who wants to be stuck talking to the person that bursts into your group conversation talking only about themselves?

Get to know your audience by listening.  Once you know their pain points you’ll be in a much better situation to help solve them.  By showing examples of how you’ve helped others – testimonials and reviews are great for this - you’ll start to build brand loyalty as well.

People use social media to be entertained and as an aid for keeping up to date with what is happening and what new trends are evolving. The number one mistake that so many businesses make is to only post company news and products. No vision, no opinion, no trends.  Just sales.

Instead engage in interesting, polite conversation on numerous topics that will get your audience wanting to share their thoughts and opinions back.


You should use social media to be social

Getting your followers engaging with you by building a real relationship that delivers value. This will give the opportunity to your audience to comment, like and share your content. Interact daily to encourage a great online presence. Be warned that this doesn’t happen overnight.  As an individual your social network has grown steadily over the years, and what happens online is similar (but, agreed, can take far less time).

If you use it properly social media is a fabulous way to establish brand awareness and get your business attention. By posting things that really resonate with your followers, it can help to showcase you as an expert in your area and make you a “go-to” for information, products and services.

We advise that you break free from the robotic machine churning out the same adverts and information and instead invest some time in understanding how to build personality into your pages. You will get a lot more out of your accounts, and so will your followers.